Always a pinch hotter


Valentina is petite, slim and has red-brown hair. She practices yoga, is a passionate and experienced dancer and loves to wear elegant yet body-hugging clothes. Her elegance is underlined by her smooth way of moving. Her profession as a real estate agent makes it easy for her to adapt to different people and individual wishes. Thereby is safe on every parquet. Of course, this also makes her an excellent companion for receptions and high-ranking events of any kind.

Imagine you welcome Valentina in a distinguished restaurant with international cuisine. In an elegant evening gown and high heels she floats in and breathes a kiss on your cheek. While you feel this joyful premonition of the first meeting, you perceive the discreet, sweetish scent that Valentina has on her. After you have toasted with a glass of wine, a conversation about God and the world begins. You will notice that Valentina is not only amusing and amiable, but also has considerable experience of life, despite her young age. While you talk about yourself and your experiences, Valentina gives you her full attention.

After an excellent meal in your favorite restaurant, you will end up in your hotel room with Valentina. There you will experience a striptease at the highest level. Valentina’s smooth movements increase your desire more and more. After all, Valentina will help you out of your clothes. Instead of going straight to bed, you end up in the shower together. The shower games will excite you further. Golden shower is something you have never experienced with a woman before and would now like to experience with Valentina. You can’t stand it anymore and finally find yourself in bed. A few hours later, thanks to Valentina, you also know what a porn star experience is! Now you can cuddle again. In any case, you know one thing: You will remember this evening for a very long time.

Don’t hesitate to tell Valentina what to wear before your date. Vinyl and leather suits her just as well as sexy lingerie, stockings and suspenders. She also likes to do a lingerie fashion show for you! Valentina spoils you as a gentleman alone, but also pair bookings are possible for her. We would also be happy to advise you regarding a second woman. Lesbian games can be especially hot with such a booking.

You can book Valentina in Germany and worldwide. She is looking forward to your message!